Monday, January 18, 2010

La Logo en...

Like my logo?

It's right over there.

Thanks! I drew it myself, basically between Christmas and New Year's. Most of that time was spent getting it cleaned up in Photoshop so it would be suitable for printing. I'm pretty proud of it, if I do say so, myself. It was inspired by a Maori double twist onyx pendant I got at Milk & Honey. When I first spotted it in the case, the angle I was at made it resemble a woman exchanging gazes with a baby in her arms. Well. I could resist that! The mendhi style mandala surrounding it is a motif type that I've been fond of since I was in massage school, and the symbolism behind both the mandala and the double twist (eternity, completeness, centeredness, unity, etc etc.) are integral to the vision I have for my practice. So, I'm very proud of my logo and everything for which it stands.

I just wish I had a version in color.

I've tried repeatedly since finishing the digital clean up to find a satisfactory color scheme that I like, that ideally adds another layer of symbolism (though it isn't critical), and that is still appealing in grayscale, a.k.a black and white. So far it has been a journey of "pick any two", and I'm getting a little frustrated. For the time being, I've decided to stick with brown or black and white. (Side note: one impression I felt very strongly at church yesterday is that I need to learn to let go of what I think I have to have in order to do what I need to do. While this decision predates the impression, it's certainly in line with it.) However, in the future, a color scheme is definitely on my list of Things to Do (or Hire Someone Else to Do.)

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