Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Link List: April 26

Given my cutting back on Twitter and Facebook, this isn't a very populated list, but it's got some good stuff.  By the way, if there's any links you particularly want me to consider for inclusion on these lists, please DM or @ them to me on Twitter, and I'll be sure to check them out. My subject categories are: Fertility/Menstruation, Pregnancy, Birth, Breastfeeding, Child care and development, and Other.
  • Stirrups and Stories:  Reclaiming the OBGYN Patient Experience through Imagery and Words - It's a little like PostSecret for gynecology, and therefore awesome.
  • "Women's Hearts Damaged by Starchy Diets" from Vital Choices - Ahh, Spring Cleaning, time to reevaluate my diet.  Again.  Oy.
  • "(A More Real) Love Story" (video) by Anita Renfroe - This woman cracks me up.  Her William Tell Momisms is wicked hard to memorize and perform at speed, but so worth it.  Anyway, this is a great parody of Taylor Swift's "Love Story" (which, imo, is one of the silliest songs ever, and I'm not much impressed with the video, either.)  But Anita's parody is awesome, and much more like what really happens in everyday life from what I can observe from my unmarried, childless POV.  Definitely worth a watching.
All right, I think I'm gonna go load up my bike and go down to the park for a ride.  Cheerio!

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