Tuesday, December 28, 2010

News for the New Year and GIVEAWAY

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2010 has been a very exciting, up-and-down year for me, but 2011 is already looking bright and sparkling with new possibilities and growth. It will be my second full year on Main Street and that alone holds a lot of promise. I've never stayed in a spot much longer than a year, except for working out of my home, and this is a much better option. Thank you, loyal readers and clients, for helping me get to this point.

Changes for 2011, effective January 1:
I've done some soul-searching and analysis, and there are two major changes coming for the next several months, at least until the end of April when I plan to reassess once more.
  • No more Walk-in-Wednesdays.
  • Reduced prices
Walk-ins:  I think, had I started Walk-in Wednesdays in summer when I first had the idea, it would have been more successful.  While it provided me many, many hours to be productive in other ways (time to myself really helps me concentrate on computer projects like spreadsheets and my website) as a money-earning enterprise, it was a fantastic flop, with a grand total of two customers over three months.  So, I will look at my place in the world in a few months and see what I think.  Walk-ins will still be welcome while I'm present at the salon, but there won't be a set time, just a sidewalk sign to say that I'm in.

Winter prices:  As of Saturday, we will officially be in the post-Christmas money slump until April or May when tax refunds start coming in.  I know it's a hard time for everyone, myself included, so to ease everyone's burden for at least that long, I'll be implementing lower seasonal pricing (like camping, but a lot more comfortable and a lot fewer mosquitoes.)   Therefore, my Winter prices will be $50/hour for Therapeutic massage and $70/1.5 hours for Pregnancy/Postpartum.  After my certification goes through, prices for my infant massage course will follow accordingly at $50/series.

Package pricing will be as follows:
  • 2 sessions- Buy one, get one 1/2 off-- $75/105
  • 3 to 10, or 12 sessions-10% off retail
  • 15 sessions-$638/893 (15% off.)
These prices make the first third of the year the best time to make appointments and purchase certificates  and packages.

Do you want to make massage a regular part of your life but find the cost just a bit more than you feel like you can afford, this is the perfect time to enter my New Year Giveaway!  Up for grabs are two great prizes, valid through the end of 2011:
  • First Prize: Free five session package
  • Second Prize: Free three session package
  • Third Prize: One free session
How to Enter
Your initial entry must be to leave a comment with your name, e-mail address, and town/city of residence.  For additional entries...
  • Follow this blog.  Be sure to let me know you're a new follower.
  • Follow me on Twitter. Again, let me know you're new.
  • Like me on Facebook. Same deal, let me know you're new.
  • Post to Twitter or Facebook, sharing the link to this blog post.  Be sure to leave a comment here with a link or links to your sharing, and/or tag me in Tweets.   One entry per site, per day.
  • E-mail me with your name and address to request a set of five business cards to distribute to friends, family, and appropriate local businesses.  I will then mail them or arrange for pick-up/delivery.
Given that this giveaway is for a service which you must be present to receive, I'm afraid I must limit entries to approximately a 55 miles radius due to the logistics of local marketing and winners' ability to redeem their prize.  Contest is open to new and existing clients.  Drawing will be made at 8pm on Friday, January 7th, and the winner will be notified via e-mail.   There's just a week, so spread the word fast!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and may 2011 be bright and prosperous for us all.

Jena Vincent of Abundance Massage

EDITED: Extended deadline, added third prize and ways to enter.


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