Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Ring of Stewardship

I'm a bit of a geek, I admit, and I love the Lord of the Rings. The whole ring concept that the trilogy (quadrilogy, if you count The Hobbit) hinges on fascinates me, that the rings were not only symbols of power, but tools of power, as well. They represented authority and the ability to act upon the will of the bearer.

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I think we all need our own Rings of Power in life, tokens to which we attribute a special meaning.  Most married people have one already, in their wedding ring.  Graduates often have a class ring.  There's promise rings, engagement rings, purity rings, CTR rings, WWJD rings, friendship rings, signet rings, claddagh rings... the list goes on.  There's just something about a ring that is a powerful part in the human experience.  (Or hobbit.)

So, I've produced for myself a Ring of Stewardship.  I've been thinking about stewardship for a while, and come up with this working definition: The responsibility to make wise decisions and the power act upon them on behalf of one with higher authority on the matter in question.  This has been of particular interest to me with regards to my personal health, as well as my finances, business practices, etc., but mostly health.  I feel that I should be and am accountable to a higher power for the way I use and treat my physical body, a fact that is very easy to forget when I'm bored-hungry in the evenings and go for the closest, most convenient piece of something edible in the kitchen.  This has not been a particularly nourishing way to live; I've gained quite a bit of weight lately and I'm definitely feeling it.  Instead of saving for a gym membership, I've been eating cake.  This is not the path I wish to travel, for yonder lies an early grave at the end of many uncomfortable, preventable complications.  I need a reminder to help keep me on track, an extra visual cue, something I can give a meaning to that will help me stay true to my desires.
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I don't wear rings in general because I can't wear them while I work, and I'm afraid I'll lose them if I remove them.  However, I'm not always working, so I one from my small collection, a favorite that I wear even less than the others. I had been doing my monthly fast anyway, so when I prepared to break it, I included an extra dedication in my prayer.  The ring became my Ring of Stewardship, my reminder, my permission to be great and true, my empowerment to make the right decisions without fear.  I plan to wear it as often as I can.

Fickle being that I am, I will likely change my mind on which ring embodies the symbol for me on a given day, and I say that's okay.  I give myself that permission.  The greatest importance I lay on the matter is that I wear something that makes me feel beautifully whole, the best quality I want to emulate as I exercise stewardship over my body. It may be as elaborate as my water ring or as simple as an Argentium band.  (Not that one, but I really like it.)

Here's to personal rites and ceremonies.  While you're go about your days as our world rolls toward a new season, consider making up a few rites and ceremonies of your own.  No one else has to know, and they don't need to mean anything to a single other soul in the world.  After all, it's not like you need to blog about it, too.  (But if you do, come back and leave me a link in the comments so I can see!)

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