Monday, October 18, 2010

Green drinks continued

I've been good, I've made a green smoothie almost every day since the first, and I've done a lot of experimentation with the ingredients. Here's what I've found thus far.
  • I have a flush in my cheeks again so I'm not just a walking ball of pale.  This happened within a day or two.
  • It's a good way to get my seaweed without overly tasting seaweed.
  • However, it is not successful at masking the flavor of my herb supplements if I open the capsules and dump in the contents.  Fail.
  • I do feel much more energetic and I stay full almost as long as eating eggs. (I'm considering adding hardboiled eggs to the mix.  Frankensmoothie!)
  • About a quarter cup of kefir seriously upgrades the smoothness and texture of a smoothie
  • Soaking quinoa for 12+ hours in the kefir will not change the taste of the quinoa and leaves a little grain-grit in the smoothie.  As I've just tried this today, I may repeat it tomorrow and try blending the kef-noa first before adding the fruit.  Chia is the next seed/grian on my list to try.
  • Chlorophyll comes out a similar shade it went in (just FYI)
So all in all, I'm enjoying it except for the medicine fail.  It's a tasty way to get what I need, and it doesn't take very long to make.  It's fairly economical, even on an organic budget.  I can get about 3-5 smoothies out of a few bags of IQF fruit, and a gallon of OJ and a container of kefir last for more batches than that.  I'm considering getting a reusable bottle with a straw for drinking on the go.  Those are my thoughts for the moment!

Jena Vincent of Abundance Massage


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  2. This comment seems a little spam-ish (especially when you've only been on Blogger since, well, this month) but it actually contains useful and relevant information. Very "Constructive": (F-bomb aside.) I shall leave it up. :) Thanks for the tip.