Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Back into the swing

A Utah stream

Wow! My trip to Utah was fantastic. I had a great time staying with my friend and helping her plug through a nasty head cold without medications; it really stretched my healing knowledge. It felt good. I also seem to have escaped unscathed, thank the Lord. I'm not sure what I did for myself, but I plan to figure it out and keep it up this flu season!

Baby belly
What a lot of dirty hippies we are!

My trip was full of all manner of birth geekery, from long talks about my dear hostess' hopes, fears, and plans for her own pregnancy (including a consult with a midwifery practice that left us both feeling very optimistic) to a meet-up with a bunch of my crunchy Forum folk to a day trip down to see/meet one of my birth-lovin' Tweeps, Kayce (aka @heartsandhandss), which included a viewing of "Babies".  I got to do almost everything I went to do, and a few things I didn't plan on, so all-in-all, it was a very enjoyable journey.  (Side note: Taking the train rocks.  Except for sleeping, but even then, it's ten times better than an airplane.)

The changes descend from above
So now it's October.  It is very officially Autumn, my FAVORITE time of year, a time of harvest, abundance, family, friends, good health, comfort, and beauty.  We are about a quarter of the way through the month already (what the heck?!?) so it's time to get crackin'.  Today is Walk-In Wednesday, I've got banners, I've got ads, I've got time, and a prayer in my heart for success.  Life is good.

A riot of color
I also had a major epiphany on the last leg of my journey home Saturday night, about how very, very different my life would be without the health challenges I've battled and cursed for about half of my life.  I can confidently say that without my personal fertility-centric struggles, it is almost 100% certain that I would not be a massage therapist, doula, or budding (haha yes, I am hilarious) herbalist.  I could have accepted the help of allopathic medicine as a teenager and been "healed" of my "infirmity" years ago... or at least be on pills forever to manage it.  By largely rejecting those methods, I've been led on a much more interesting and colorful journey down a winding path of increasing complexity and scope and grandeur, one with no set destination, but merely a direction toward perpetual learning.  I've had so much growth as a result of my "weakness" that it truly has become my strength.  (I will likely post more about this later.)

What's not to love about that?
I love it.  It's great and it's further testimony to me of just how well God knows me and accommodates for my mortal weakness in order to continually bless me as long as I strive to be faithful and obedient.  It's just beautiful.

I'm glad to be back.  Now off to work!

Jena Vincent of Abundance Massage

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  1. This is beautiful Jena. Thank you for saying these things: someone has to, and you do it so well.