Friday, August 20, 2010

Lecithin for pelvic and hip pain

I was passed along this article on Facebook by a friend. It is slightly lengthy, but very informative and well worth the read.  This is definitely a piece of information worth passing along to childbearing women.

"Got lecithin?" at Birth Faith

 I'd be interested to see how or whether it's effective when you're not pregnant, when your body isn't flooded with the hormone relaxin.  I occasionally get some shooting pains at my pubic symphesis, but I've started paying attention to such pains so recently that I usually can't decide whether it's pelvic or perhaps ovulatory.  I'm inclined to think the former, since they often repeat.  I guess I could try upping my intake of eggs and finding out!

Stop reading me.  Go read that.

Jena Vincent of Abundance Massage

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! My husband is a runner and wondered whether lecithin would help with other ligament pains as well. It would definitely be interesting to find out! :-)