Monday, June 7, 2010

My personal value statement for life and business

I believe we lived before this life as spirit children of God, and every person brings talents, dispositions, preferences, and challenges with them from pre-mortal spirit existence, and that each of us begins our mortal learning experience early in the womb. I believe the way we are nourished in utero, the way we are born, and the way we are treated as infants can impact our development and growth beginning to end, for good or ill, giving us tools to use or challenges to overcome. I believe also that we are each born with the ability to learn and communicate, that infants emerge from the womb as conscious, aware human beings, and do not need to "become" such. I believe that infants should be listened to; they know nothing of guile or manipulation, and thus all needs expressed are valid and warrant the best possible response.

I believe the body is divinely designed for beauty and function, to give pleasure, pain, opportunity, and experience. It is companion to the spirit, and together they form the soul of a person. I believe all have the right to choose how to use or decorate their own body to the point where they do not harm themselves or others, or give offense to God. I believe that the senses have a level of sanctity and should be treated gently, save in the defense of life and safety. I believe touch to be the most sacred of all senses and the most easily offended, and will strive to use it only in kindness, never in violence except in defense of life and safety.

I believe that God is in control of our lives as long and as often as we allow Him to be without attempting to override His wisdom with our own, and the He is the source of all truth, secular and spiritual alike. I believe that all truth is worthy of pursuit and can be found-in part or in full-in many diverse fields and philosophies. I believe that all truth is good to teach and that learning is best achieved by study and inquiry through reliable sources, personal exploration, listening to informed discourse, honest discussion, application of common sense, and inspired confirmation.

I believe charity (Godly love) is our greatest responsibility and education our greatest calling. I believe family life is the highest form of both and "no success can compensate for failure in the home." (David O. McKay) I will strive to gain knowledge, understanding, and experience and to share them with others. I will strive to promote peace and respect among all people, most especially within families and homes. I will strive to facilitate loving ties between parents and children at all stages and uphold those things I believe strengthen the family unit.

Respective of all these beliefs, part of my purpose on earth is to be a place of shelter, a steadfast refuge, and a source of peace in a world at war with itself. I will strive to hold each person in just and loving regard, to see them as God sees them, and behave accordingly. I will seek justice in all matters I can, and leave to God the matters I cannot. I will strive to behave with responsibility and accountability and live my life with honor. I will strive to have dignity, self-respect, and to never compromise my values or the values of those around me.

As I am human, these principles and goals shall be the stars by which I steer, not the sticks with which I beat myself. I will give myself room to make mistakes, to learn, to move forward and grow every day of my life.

Jena Vincent of Abundance Massage

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