Friday, June 18, 2010

Almost done

This week has been... amazing.  I've learned so much, and there's so much more I haven't learned yet.  The class ends tomorrow and I really don't want to go home, it's that good.

A little background: When I was at infant massage training back in March, I browsed through the school's pictures of staff members, and ran across a familiar name: Stephanie Halderman.  Under her picture was listed "Pregnancy Massage".  I knew Stephanie's name from around town, from my acupuncturist, from the yoga studio, and from the fact that her business used to be directly above the salon.  Well fancy that!  So, I grabbed a catalog of classes for the rest of the year.  (I love that HAI offers such a variety of classes and it's 20 minutes from my sister's house.)  Pregnancy massage would be offered in a few months from that time.  I debated and researched other programs online.  Some of them had fancy registered names and certifications to go with them, but they offered fewer hours, or were far away.  I e-mailed Stephanie after I got home to see if she would be offering the class locally (Why drive 2-3 hours if you don't have to?) and she would, but later in the year, and she hadn't figured out where yet because of some business issues.  After quite a bit of contemplation and weighing pros and cons, I decided I didn't want to wait and signed up as soon as I had the deposit.

So here I am, looking at the end of the five-day course and wishing there was another five days, or wishing I could take it over, again.  I really feel like I could and get even more out of it.  I struggled the first few times we tried the massage, especially with a couple of the new stretches we've learned.  I was getting excessively frustrated on Wednesday with what I saw as "not getting it" to the point where I almost started to cry during the massage.  However, during our work yesterday, everything started to click.  I started to understand, and things began to click and become more natural to me.  I was elated.  I was on top of the world!

I can't fully express how wonderful this week has been.  I feel, I know, I am where I belong.  This is what I'm supposed to be doing.  I just found out a friend is pregnant and was able to counsel her on some solutions for her early symptoms.  The woman I worked on yesterday totally wanted to know if I'd be in the area for massage.  I ran into a pregnant cashier at Whole Foods yesterday and gave her my card and told her to call me with any questions.  I'm going to tell my classmates about her in hopes one of them will be able to pick her up as a client.  It's all just coming together so beautifully.  I need to write an ad today to post online.  I need to set aside some time tomorrow to work on my website.  It's just awesome.

I'm happy. :D

Jena Vincent of Abundance Massage

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