Friday, June 18, 2010

Ha ha, very funny, June 18. You got me!

I posted last immediately before I left for class this morning.  I crated the dog in the garage, popped open the side door so she could have air, but blocked it partially so it would stay closed, and left.  Morning class was great, we talked about labor and postpartum and essential oils.  I considered staying for lunch to watch The Business of Being Born, but I had little cash, no packed lunch, and food at the house to consume before departure.  So I returned.

The dog came trotting out to the street to greet me.  She had chewed her way out of her crate, squeezed out the door, under the wheelbarrow blocking the hole she recently dug in the gate, and plopped down outside after who knows what exploits and wanderings.  Just great.  So I called my sister to let her know, she asked for the number for the dog rescue they got the dog from, hoping to have them pick her up and they'd figure things out after they get home, Monday night or Tuesday morning.  I had to return to class, so I just hid everything edible, closed all the interior doors, and left.  I was already fifteen minutes late.

I hit traffic.  Make that 25 minutes late.

Two of my classmates were outside the room, visibly upset, and the one's sister wasn't present for our postpartum demo/practice.  Not good.

I ended up doing half the demo practice on a classmate who had brought her 5 month old son in.  It was a great honor and a pleasure to work with them.  He was so cute, hanging out with Mom on the massage table.  He even fell asleep until I put her into seated position.  They were such a beautiful, peaceful pair.  It was an amazing experience to participate in.

Our last hour of class was spent in mixing massage oils and lotions.  We were having a ball, getting "high" off the essential oils we were blending.  It was amazing.  Such a giggle-fest.  It felt wonderful.  And then I looked at my oil bottle (carrier oil with e.o.s mixed in) and went "....There's bits of plastic in my oil."  The e.o.s had eaten the plastic.  It did this for no one else.  I went and got another bottle, repeated... same result, different kind of bottle.  I know that essential oils do that-they eat/digest/break down plastic if they're not in a carrier oil-but... they were in a carrier.  And it happened to no one but me.  I thought maybe it was because I perhaps hadn't swirled them into the oil soon enough, I let them stand for quite a few minutes on top of the oil, but when I redid it in another bottle, that layer wasn't on top for more than a minute while I was getting the blend poured before I shook it up.  Both have sizable flakes of plastic floating in them, so they're useless to use on other people.  I'll use them for diffusing and on myself, but for clients, no.  Speeeectacular.  But at least I have lotion that is hopefully uncontaminated.  That should last me for a little while.

The guy from the dog rescue just called and I'll be dropping the dog off at his place in a little bit.  I'd best get on that now.  I have no idea if I'm leaving tonight or not, I may be too tired.  I'll just have to see when I get back from dropping the dog off, since I can't go straight home from there.  I have to unload a crapload of supplies from my back seat to even make room for her.  Blah.

Well let's get this show on the road so tomorrow can be be less roller coaster-y.

Jena Vincent of Abundance Massage

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