Saturday, April 10, 2010

Should I change over my website?

I've been paying for a website for nearly four years now, and I've spent over $1,500 to have and promote it (not counting business cards and other physical marketing tools.) It has brought in maybe $200-300 in that time, and that's a generous estimate of its direct contribution. Obviously, this is a gross inequality as a cost-benefit analysis. (I'm not sure why, but I enjoy using that term. Anyway.)  However, my site did just earn me an invitation to participate in a Mother's Club event in May.

So, I'm seriously considering moving everything on the site either to constructed pages here or Wordpress.  I think I find Wordpress websites a little more interesting to look at, from what I've seen.  There's a guy at church who's business is creating websites with Wordpress, so I'll probably talk to him about it some.  Then again, this blog is already here on Blogspot, so I'm not sure I want to bother switching.

I also admit to having considerable feelings of customer loyalty to my hosting service; I'm their customer #12, I've been with them since they were a start-up in 2006; they've been good to me, bumping my service costs down twice; and my not getting business with their service isn't really their fault.

What I really want from you, dear readers, is your thoughts.  I've placed a poll on the left side of this blog, expiring at noon on April 14.  Please vote, give me your input, and put any comments in response to this post.  I want to hear your experiences in working with Blogspot, Wordpress, and/or any other similar (free) website/blog services; experiences in switching from one to another, if you've got it; your opinions on the visual appeal (or not!) of sites/blogs hosted on these services; or any tips on better using the pay site I have to get people calling or e-mailing and ultimately walking through my door.

Thanks all!

Jena Vincent of Abundance Massage


  1. Wordpress rocks. I'm still working with Joombla and am anxious to switch over to wordpress.

  2. I've been pondering on the same thing. For me it's much easier to concentrate on ONE site and so I've started with blogspot until I build my business. It may not be as professional as a business website but I find blogs more appealing, personal and inviting and that's what I want from a site where people will be looking to get to know me. Does that make sense? Twitter, Facebook, and Blogspot are a good combo in my opinion.

    Good luck! Blessings your way~