Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Link List: April 19

I missed a lot over the weekend, I suspect, but here's what I did get to.  Happy reading!

Child care and development
"Fatal Distraction" from The Washington Post. (2010 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Writing)
Everyone. who has/will/might have a child or care for one should read this article, especially as summer approaches. (Warning: Graphic and heartbreaking.  Not a good choice for work or anywhere/time you'd feel uncomfortable crying.) Anyone can forget a child in the car.  I will definitely be offering these as soon as I set up retail at the salon.  Always check the back seat.
  • "The Daycare Dilemma" from Natural Child Project - Value motherhood.  Value motherhood more.  End of story.
  • "Retailer pulls girls' padded bikini" - from MSNBC - A)No child has any business running around in a two-piece swim suit, no matter how "cute" it is.  None.  B) There's a big difference between "padded" and "lined for modesty".  Makes me wonder.
More next week, I'm sure!

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  1. Ugh, that whole debacle with the padded bikinis makes me ill.

    Very interested in the Fatal Distraction article... I saw that you have a post about it, but I want to read the article before I get into the post.