Sunday, February 21, 2010

The trouble with business plans

It was a major group project in my Professional Development class in massage school.  I took a class on it in college.  I still have the book from said class in the very room where I sit writing this.  I spend countless hours contemplating business and marketing matters (even for one that isn't mine) and making plans and having ideas.  All this, and I've never actually written a business plan for myself.

I know, it's dumb.

Why?  Well, primarily because I don't write the stuff down.  I do carry a small notebook in my purse for jotting things down, but I feel like everything in my head requires a full letter page.  I don't really have many notepads lying around when I think of this stuff, so the form I'm most comfortable "thinking" in doesn't happen.  I could type it all up, but I don't brainstorm very well while looking at a screen, even though it's much faster and and more efficient for recording thoughts.

Again, I know, it's dumb.

But as I do more research and learn more about what has worked for other people, I do feel like I'm getting a better grip on what's really worth having and what the possibilities are for the future.  This is something I haven't experienced before, which I think is another reason I've never written anything down.  All my ideas felt too half-baked, so I didn't think they were worth writing down.  This is changing, so I assure you, I will start writing things down.  A lot of it is goals and ideas for the future and for making my practice certifiably awesome.

So stay tuned!

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