Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Product: Be Nice prenatal drink mix

I ran across this product last week via one of @birthgoddess' Follow Friday posts.  I was intrigued and thought, "Gee, that could be a good thing to add to my retail inventory when the time comes," so I requested a sample for myself and my best friend/fella doula, Kim, who also happens to be pregnant.  (Yay!)

I've tried both of their stevia-sweetened (gold star for that!) flavors, Berrylicious and Lemonade, and here are my first impressions.

I had the berry this morning on my way to school.  It's nothing earth-shattering, it smells and tastes exactly like what it is: berry-flavored water.  Sweet and tasty, not cloying.  I liked it, and I'd drink it again.  It will probably be a pleasant boost to my iron and energy levels during the red monsoon.

The lemonade is, to my taste, much sweeter than the berry.  It may have come off that way because it didn't get the same mixing the other did since one was shaken repeatedly in a Sigg bottle and the other stirred lazily in a glass.  The flavor sets off the meyer lemon bell in my head, because of the sweetness.  There's little to no lemon-y tang, which I would personally like.  Someone likened it to Crystal Light, and I agree.  Not bad, but I prefer the berry.

I really like that it's sweetened with stevia and fructose rather than sucrose.  The algae-derived DHA is a very nice touch.  All in all, I think we have a winner, and I'm definitely going to be keeping it in mind when I get my retail act together.

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