Friday, February 5, 2010

Take it slow

I was about to write a post about my future plans for retail at the salon and online, when I ran across an herbalist' Twitter feed and the world just slowed down.  I went from frantic, excited, motivated energy to something near stillness at the thought of herbs and trees and wild, healthy things growing.

It has been raining off and on like mad the past few weeks, and the green grass is prolific.  Some of the trees are budding.  Mustard and clover will start blossoming soon.  Scratch that, mustard is already blooming.  Virginia stock can't be far behind.  The apple trees and valley oaks are resting.  It's one of my favorite times of year, but I've been so rushrushrushrush with this push to pay for my CEIM class and promoting my business and getting everything off the ground, I haven't taken enough time to care for myself.  I wish I had time to go out to Armstrong Grove today and take some pictures and walk around, but from 12:30 on, I'm due at the salon for appointments.  It's wonderful, I love my work (plus I'm getting a facial--very exciting), but that sudden grounding I got just from a memory of herbs and herb school was so... needed.  I've been very disconnected with the outside world lately.  The closest I've had to a spiritual natural experience lately was watching Avatar.  It doesn't count and it's not enough.

So I've got the windows open for the moment, letting the air circulate into the house.  The house has been very stagnant the past few weeks from the rain.  This is needed, too.  I should probably turn down the heater, though and stop wasting energy while they're open.

It's a beautiful day outside, though.  Go enjoy it and be grounded.

P.S.: Birdwalk; noun, term used by my 8th grade History teacher, synonymous with "tangent".  I went on a birdwalk, there.  now back to the Articles of Confederation.

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