Tuesday, March 2, 2010

CAMTC Update

I checked my application's status on the CAMTC website.  So far, my DOJ and FBI results are in, as of last Friday.  Those should be perfectly squeaky clean since I've never done or been involved in anything (except apply for a massage license!) that has required fingerprinting, or would.

My transcripts have yet to be processed, as well as the application, itself.

Of course, once those are processed (read: entered to a computer), then they have to be reviewed by the the two-person Application Review and Disciplinary Committee.  Once it clears them, then and only then do I get my certificate and ID card.

I hate waiting so much.  It hasn't even been a week and I'm anxious and antsy.  It's not so much about the application itself because I'm reasonably confident that I'll be approved.  It's the promotional materials.  Fully half of the first page of my Vistaprint portfolio is a new set of business materials (cards, gift certificates, address labels, etc) that all say "Jena Vincent, CMT".  I want to order them now so they'll be here in time for my Infant Massage class so I can take them along and hand them out during/after the practicum hours.  Not that it matters so much because it's in Citrus Heights, which is two and a half hours away, but it's the principle of being able to finish teaching someone and saying "Thank you for coming, here's my card, please call me if you have any questions."  It's good customer service, it's good business, it's good practice.  The fastest shipping option Vistaprint has is 3 business days (and it would be close to $30 for one box of 250 cards), which means I would need to put that order in no later than the 10th, a week from tomorrow.

I'm going to be hoping and praying and checking my application status every day from now until then.  Ah, waiting.

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