Saturday, December 18, 2010

NOTICE: Extended Solstice Savings and Walk-In hours

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I've decided to extend the Solstice Savings sale.  You can take advantage of this great deal any time from Monday, December 20th through Wednesday, December 22nd.  Online purchases must be made before 7 AM on the 23nd so that I can mail the gift certificates that morning before I go out of town to celebrate Christmas with my family.

There will be a $5 discount on Walk-In Wednesday services on the 22nd, and I will be extending my hours that day--12-7 PM--so while you're out shopping downtown (because I know you love to keep it local as much as I do!) stop in for 10 or 20 or 30 minutes.  These short sessions will be running a mere $10 for 10 minutes.  So, bring me your tired feet, you poor aching muscles, your huddled shoulders longing to breathe free.  There may even be a little something special for a holiday treat (like addictively delicious mini meringues or fudge!)  This is an event you do not want to miss!

And now, an impassioned plea...
As I mentioned, I plan on doing this sale seasonally, so please help me make it a success this season.  I love my work, I love helping people feel better, and I really want to share that love with our community but I need to make a living at it, too.  If you live in or near Sebastopol, spread the word about this event on to your friends and family.  New Year, too, is a great time to make massage part of your life.  Healing touch is important.

I know bodywork is expensive in a down economy, and it seems like a luxury in an age of OTC pain relievers and machines from Brookstone, or a waste of money to pay more when Massage Envy in 20 minutes away.  I'm doing the best I can to make and promote massage as a viable health maintenance/recovery option that doesn't break the bank, but I'm also a highly trained, highly talented, and experienced professional and my work is 100% worth the price.  That's not arrogance, that is confidence and it's backed up by virtually every person who has ever gotten off my table.  25% off, $53 for an hour of therapeutic massage, is phenomenal; $158 for a three hour package is fantastic.

I can't pay for large advertising campaigns right now like a chain or a more established location.  Right now, I can't even pay for a small one.  Pardon the personal detail, but the second half of this year has been brutal on my business, financially.  I depend on the Word of Mouth of my clients and neighbors.  Tell people you know me.  Tell them I'm a great massage therapist, that I'm Certified by the State, that I've been practicing for almost seven years, that I blend many styles of massage for a custom tailored experience for the person on the table, and that my clients leave relaxed, happy, and relieved.  Send them my way this season.  Send yourself my way.

My skills are a supply for your want.  Your patronage is a supply for mine.  Help my business live up to its name, and may great abundance be upon us, come 2011.

Happy Winter Solstice and Merry Christmas.

Jena Vincent of Abundance Massage

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